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Author's Notes for DDTC

This will be an expanding list as the WIP, Damn, Damn The Circumstance, progresses:


  • This fic uses the initial date of Dec 6 for Shelley Pomroy's party as supplied in A Trip to the Dentist.

  • Abel has not been arrested yet. The only indication we ever saw of Abel having been arrested before Shelley Pomroy's party on Dec 6 was Madison's grafitti on the back window of Veronica's car in A Trip to the Dentist. Before that all we knew was that he'd been arrested in December 2003. So I've conveniently forgotten what Madison wrote.

  • Title is a line from a Lowest of the Low song Bleed a Little While Tonight. My friend, Helen Quilley, said the line would make a good title for a fanfic. I agreed.

  • Beaver is in high school. In My Mother The Fiend, Beaver says he is sixteen, making him 2 years younger than Veronica, Logan, Duncan and Dick. When this story takes place, they are all sophmores, which would mean that Beaver isn't even in high school yet (eeeew). For the sake of this story, he is. So we'll just assume he's in special advanced classes or something.

  • I'm Canadian, (hence my spelling) so I often have no idea how things like school systems, hospital care, criminal law, etc. work down in the US. I do my best to research, but sometimes I just have to go with what's good for the story, so if there's a discrepancy with how things really work, my apologies ahead of time.

  • In canon, Cindy the Easy Freshman does not have a last name. I've supplied that here for the purpose of this story.

  • In part 9, I give Wiedman a bit of a backstory to explain his involvement with the Kanes.

  • I've never understood the ages of all the characters or how kids born in different years could be in the same grade. From what I've read, Lilly was born in 1987 (according to the fountain), but is supposed to be a year older than Veronica (as stated here) making her 17 when she died. But if Veronica is 19 now, then she was born in 87 too. And Logan is 18 now and born in February according to the myspace page so he was born in 88. For the purpose of this story, Logan and Veronica are born the same year, 87 and Lilly is a year older and born in 86. Let's just pretend Celeste was careless and got the fountain wrong. And Aaron was wrong about what month Logan was born in.

  • In Part 15, Logan says that Lilly's moving violation ticket gives him an alibi. In canon, Veronica tells Leo about the ticket, but it's not clear that she ever actually came forward with the ticket. In canon, we also don't know exactly what Logan did after he left the car wash. We only knew that at the official incorrect time of death, Logan didn't have an alibi. So it is entirely possible that Logan could have been home by Lilly's real time of death.